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Disruption, what’s really going on?

“A disturbance or a problem which interrupts an event, activity or a process”. The waters of traditional business models are being stirred up by the emergence of newer more convenient technologies. Banks and financial institutions are at the end of the pointy stick when it comes to that, and are already applying a number of […]


AI – Impacts and Trends in Banking

When we talk about Artificial Intelligence, J.A.R.V.I.S (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System) from the Marvel universe springs to mind (just me?) – A sassy, gentleman butler that helps and caters to our protagonists’ requests and needs in real time. The coolest thing about it is that it’s a digital, machine taught supercomputer that integrates […]


PSD2 – Indeed a silver lining.

As of 13th January 2018, the floodgates of the 2nd Payment Services Directive will open, which means that banks will now be forced to share their customer data with 3rd party providers of financial services and to also offer open APIs to said 3rd parties. Lets be honest here... No institution wants to share their [...]


The Future of Fintech and Bankers: Partnerships

Big Data, biometrics, blockchain. These words need to be on your regular vocabulary if you want to keep up with fintech’s rapid rise and change. The global investment for fintech solutions will exceed $150 billion in 2017. In addition, 80% of financial institutions believe that they are at risk because of innovators and technologies such as Blockchain. So, [...]


Phoenix FinTech Conference 2016: In Numbers

For those of you who haven’t heard of Phoenix FinTech Conference yet, let us guide you through our newest and nerdiest event. The 1st Annual Phoenix FinTech Conference took place last June in Prague. More than 100 attendees and speakers came together to the beautiful NH Hotel Prague City to have a discussion about financial technology and how fintech […]


The Anatomy of Phoenix FinTech Conference: Part II

With the 1st day of the Phoenix Fintech Conference behind us, our anticipation and hopes were growing. If we could sum up the 2nd day of the event in one phrase, that would be: work hard and play hard. Startups were the main focus of the event and more specifically our own little game, the Quick Pitch […]