Archívy Interviews - Phoenix Fintech Conference 2019


How Fintech Startups & Banks Can Work Together: By Tomas Hanacek from

When we talk about Fintech Startups and Banks, a lot of things come to mind but not the word "partnership". Fortunately, Tomas Hanacek from has a different opinion. I approach Tomas a few weeks back to talk about the Phoenix FinTech Conference in Prague and I was pleasantly surprised with his ideas on fintech, the [...]


Phoenix Speaker Interview #2: Clément Francomme from UTOCAT

Tell me a little about yourself For the first 4 years of my small career, I’ve worked for big companies like Sagem and Thales. Around 2014, the bitcoin topic became quite popular. I made a lot of research on that topic and it seemed really interesting to me. I appreciate this technology and I felt […]


Phoenix Speaker Interview #1: Alexander Dunaev from ID Finance

Tell me a little about your career and yourself. In 2007, I completed my bachelor degree course of the University of Warwick in Economics. After a year, I took the Master’s degree in Mathematical Finance at the Imperial College London. After finishing my education, I held different positions at Deutsche Bank Group in London. Among other things, […]


Phoenix 2016: Startup Interview #3- Qafis

Yes, the “3 minutes, 3 questions” game is back! This time, we present Qafis. During the Phoenix FinTech Conference last June, I had the opportunity to talk to Edwin Nicolaas, CEO of the company, and prepare him for his quick pitch competition by asking him 3 questions. The trap? He had 3 minutes! You have 3 minutes. Go! […]

Savdeo Interview for Phoenix

Phoenix 2016: Startup Interview #2- Savedo

The “3 minutes, 3 questions” game continues. During the 1st Annual Phoenix FinTech Conference, startups from all over Europe had the opportunity to pitch their idea and company in front of banks and investors. One of them was Akos Kiss-Dozsai, VP Business Development from Savedo. You have 3 minutes. Go! My name is Akos Kiss-Dozsai […]

Phoenix 2016 Startup Interview Raisin

Phoenix 2016: Startup Interview #1- Raisin

On June 9 and 10, the 1st Annual Phoenix FinTech Conference kicked off in Prague. During the 2nd day of the event, 16 fintech startups took part in the Quick Pitch Competition. They had 3 minutes to pitch their idea and their company in front of a live audience. So, before the competition, I spoke with […]