June 2016 - Phoenix Fintech Conference 2019


Savdeo Interview for Phoenix

Phoenix 2016: Startup Interview #2- Savedo

The “3 minutes, 3 questions” game continues. During the 1st Annual Phoenix FinTech Conference, startups from all over Europe had the opportunity to pitch their idea and company in front of banks and investors. One of them was Akos Kiss-Dozsai, VP Business Development from Savedo. You have 3 minutes. Go! My name is Akos Kiss-Dozsai […]


The Anatomy of Phoenix FinTech Conference: Part I

Memories are not stored in our brains like books on library shelves, or even as a collection of self-contained recordings, but may be better thought of as a kind of collage or a jigsaw puzzle. Looking back to the 1st Annual Phoenix FinTech Conference, all I can think of is how much fun it was […]

Phoenix 2016 Startup Interview Raisin

Phoenix 2016: Startup Interview #1- Raisin

On June 9 and 10, the 1st Annual Phoenix FinTech Conference kicked off in Prague. During the 2nd day of the event, 16 fintech startups took part in the Quick Pitch Competition. They had 3 minutes to pitch their idea and their company in front of a live audience. So, before the competition, I spoke with […]