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About Phoenix

What is Phoenix Conference?

Bankers to bankers platform spiced up with successful FinTechs to stir up the partnerships fire!

Is the issue legacy systems? It’s the legacy people and legacy customers! Phoenix is here to break the barriers and build more bridges.


What to expect

Event Highlights

Some of Those Who Made It Happen in 2016:


Erste Bank
Gorenjska Banka
BNP Paribas
equa bank
Alior Bank
Western Union International Bank

FinTech Startups:

"Good conference, lots of news from the FinTech part."

Katerina Kalinova, Equa bank

"Over my expectations!"

Lubomir Nadasky, Viamo


2017 Speakers & Advisors

Our Expert Speaker Panel consisted of a refreshing mix of Enthusiastic Entrepreneurs and Financial Innovators.


What to look forward to?

Program Sneak Peek


KEYNOTE: Partnerships – How Much Variety Can you Get?

Igor Vida, CEO, Raiffeisenbank, Czech Republic | Igor will give overall overview of the current banking atmosphere, challenges, direction, innovations. He will answer the question Why cooperation is important and share his experiences from the previous role where he clearly set innovation priorities and was awarded as ‘The Most Respected CEO’ in Slovakia in 2014.


A BANKER’S STORY: Turning Your Product into ´Offer as Solution´

Gurhan Cam, Digital Generation Banking Senior Vice President, Denizbank| Gurhan is the Innovation Guru in Banking and the Innovation President. He has played a leading role in building up new generation products and services, including award winning products which helped DenizBank win the “Most Innovative Bank Of The Year” and “Global Innovator” titles two years in a row! He will reveal his thinking behind the innovation along with the ideas for partnerships.


A BANKER’S STORY: How a Marriage with Telco Company Made the UX Experience Blossom

Malgorzata Ciechomska Head of Sales, Orange Finanse, mBank S.A. | Malgorzata is going to show us how an exciting partnership between a bank and a telecommunication company helped create an innovative platform with a remarkable user experience - Orange Finanse was born!


PANEL DISCUSSION: The Onstage Show: Bankers vs. FinTechs on the Hot Seat!

Tomas Hanacek, Co-owner, and Michal Smida, Founder/CEO, Twisto have their seats booked


A BANKER´S STORY: Partnerships – Managing Multiple Partners along the Banking Value Chain

Markus Gremmel, Chief Marketing Officer, BAWAG P.S.K.| Markus will share the story how partnership with Austrian Post helped them to run a large network of joint branches, which incorporated a post office within the retail bank and made BAWAG PSK one of the most profitable banks in Austria. The rise of fintech in retail banking will be discussed.


CORPORATE VENTURE CAPITAL STORY: How One Bank Took up a New Position

Milos Nedeljkovic, Head of Partnership and Digital, Sberbank| Milos will share the story of Sberbank Serbia as a unique banking partner in building bridges to East European business in Serbia, Russia and the CIS.

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